Facts 6 & 7

“There are no roads leading in or out of Juneau-it’s only accessible by BOAT, FERRY OR PLANE.”

National Geographic Kids

“About 1 in every 87 residents of Alaska is a licensed AIRPLANE PILOT.”

National Geographic Kids, 5,000 Awesome Facts

And there are still no roads that lead in or out of Juneau today. The rough terrain and the ever-changing glaciers make it very difficult to construct a direct road to the capitol of Alaska.

Juneau Ice Field

However, one way to get to Alaska is to catch a 60-hour ferry ride from Bellingham, WA, or buy a plane, get a pilot license and join the 7,933 active Alaska pilots today. 1% of the inhabitants in Alaska state are a pilot, which makes it having 6 times more pilots per capita anywhere else in the U.S.A. A few of the prerequisites of becoming a pilot in Alaska is to be 17 years of age and speak and understand English. English is standard language when it comes to aviation.





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