Walking adventures

I have lived with Charley Waffle 2 years in the city. I found it very grueling at times because nobody fully warned me on how much energy she has and how super scary smart. She keeps me on my toes and I have to keep her on hers. I’ve also learned if I don’t work her out to a certain level then she becomes a pain in the arse.

The first year I am going to admit, was extremely challenging. I’ve got kids that are basically adults and once I’d got her I suddenly realized how much I loved my freedom. I was done raising kids, now I decided to do it again???

What I realized is that I didn’t research her breed at all. I went by what a couple people told me and that was, “Oh she’ll be really active.” Or, “I had one and they are so smart.” Thanks.

I should have read up on the Australian and the Border Collie, because that is what the people told me that had her. They said their dog got out, went to the farm next door and after that they ended up with two puppies. The other one, a male, was gone and so I took Charley. I really did think she was ugly and felt sorry for her, but she gets compliments every day about her coat. Every day.

We were out on an adventure when all of a sudden something spooked her. It was one of those loud cars that speed race. She tucked her tail and started pulling as hard as she could. I am exhausted. I don’t quite know what to do about her pulling and all of a sudden she’s jumpy at the sound of muscle cars and electric bikes. She’s not fun to walk when she is like that. It took me 2 hours to get her home.

In the meantime when we boarded the bus I tripped on the stair going up and hit my knee which happens to already have a scab on it. Ripped it right off. I bled through my pants on my right knee. Ouch. It hurts.





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