Fact #9

On Alaska

“Alaska’s Thompson Pass once received more than 81 feet (24.7m) of snow in a single year. Added up that would be taller than an eight story building.”

5,000 Awesome Facts, National Geo, Kids

According to Wikipedia, Thompson Pass is the snowiest part of Alaska in which it averages about 500 inches a year, just north of Valdez. In one winter year of 1952-1953, there was a record 974.1 inches that was recorded in that season, and the most snow recorded at one location anywhere in the 50 States. It also holds the record for the most snow recorded in one day, in 1955 December, at 62 inches, or 5 feet. That is the average in a year for Colorado, which is the other snowiest state, and where I am from. Funny thing is that I never learned how to ski in Colorado, but in California. I guess it was always around me so I didn’t think much about it.

Now on to Fact 10, which I am more than anxious to know how this one came about…..





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