April Fool’s Day?

So today I woke up not really knowing that it was first of April because I’d already thought we were in April because Mike is leaving on April 6th which I guess is a Tuesday. So for me he was gone this past Tuesday, which was still in March but. ….I was confused. So I actually started thinking and questioning if April Fools Day was a particular April month. Like it only happened every 3rd April of the year of the Dog, or something. I asked one of my regulars that I see every morning if it was April Fools Day, and he has the same look on his face that I must have had. Then he brought up that last year we were in covid. I think.


Charley herding balls… with the help of her frisbee. We go out every morning at 5 am , sometimes 5 :20, to the poly clinic parking lot, in the dusky morning light, and run around, herding a variety of balls. The big blue ball, eh ha ha, is labeled the Indestructible Ball. I didn’t realize the size until I received it. I was going to return it because I didn’t think she’d like it. But, to my surprise her eyes got as big as pool cues. As soon as she touched it with her nose, she began to growl at it, bark and fervently ran alongside, pushing It this way and that.

she has another coming today

Different size

Different color

And yes, the ball is indestructible.

we did our daily morning herd with three large balls and one VERY bouncy ball. The bouncy ball is absolutely awesome.

Today the bouncy ball was a problem. Charley has to hold something in her mouth while she plays. This is what we take out to play SEE the little red ball? That is her new one we were waiting for. And……This is the infamous red ball that is her favorite. I was telling a story as but what happened this morning with her and her favorite ball but I got side tracked. I managed to shoot this picture while she is pouting with her back to me and ignoring me.

SECRET: I got the red ball from the Dollar Tree.

I think you can still get online but the minimum order is 36. But you know what? I think I’ve spent just about that much money losing those balls that bounce (plus, they are better than the chukit balls BY FAR)

I swear. I feel like I’ve got a teenager. She doesn’t talk back. She just pees on my purse

The little guy (stuffed animal) we found on our travels. OH!!!! This next picture is what is left of my hair brush!!!


THE RED BALL story has now become its own major title in a new and awful Horror GENRE movie that I guess I will call THE RED BALL STORY that ties in with BAD Charley + run away = BAD ME me. Today she ran away from me AGAIN . When I say ran away she just does the “SQUIRREL!” But replace it with “BALL!” This time it was the red and blue and white soccer ball that I use to dribble and I would play soccer while we were herding.. But mainly it worked well with us if I had that ball and she was able to use all of her abilities freely without the ALPHA FEMALE weirdness we’ve been going through.

I saw she had nudged it with her nose thinking it would start rolling down the alley and gain momentum where it would be a major search and rescue mission. Instead, which I didn’t think it would fit, rolled under the closed and locked gate of the construction site right down the alley of our place. And THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO. Well, I did try lifting up the fence so she could be a partner in crime and slip under to retrieve the ball, and I did think about scaling the locked fence but thought better of it, I just looked at her and said, “I can’t do anything about it”.

She whines for a Minute as we walk to the back parking lot of the POLYCLINIC and I start tossing the red WHAM-O and a yellow PETCO frisbee, while kind of kicking a lame tennis ball, really kinda butt hurt because I liked playing soccer with her. I liked having my own ball, when I saw for a brief second and read her mind that NOW was her escape. She took off running, jumping the high stone wall into the street and out of site.

My body was hurting so bad from the last couple days from pulling a muscle in my buttocks while herding, frisbee, soccer practice, and with my left shoulder that has no cartilage, being exacerbated from her tugging, and for feeling like a failure for her sudden no recall that I just felt defeated

I started my painful walk up the Poly parking lot, and back to the alley where we lost that dang thing and (THANK GOD) I was surprised to see her standing at the fence whining at the soccer ball that was stuck under and just a bit out of reach. I once again told her nothing I could do.

It was as if she’d suddenly received that one trigger that set THE PLAN in motion and I had on my hand a rogue agent THAT used to be called Charley Waffle. I had no idea who this dog was or why or WHO IT belonged to. She was all free agent Which really sucks.

Because I had always wished that would happen to me. I want to be a rogue agent. I want that one signal or ball that flips me into automatic IT’S ON. NO TURNING BACK.

I was supposed to be that rogue agent .

Who doesn’t wish that?

But she’s done it a few other times where I finally got smart. I don’t pull out any balls or toys until our destination. Duh.


The dollar Tree still has these incredible bouncy balls that have 10 times the bounce and durability as the Chuck-it balls. Which cost 10 for 2. Just saying

Frisbee try – Outs

Notice the blue Nerf. It was used only a handful of times. The CHUCK-IT frisbee made her gums blead when it sailed and landed with a whoomph. It’s fun and solid to throw but for some reason I was feeling this was for more like a hardcore dog. Like a German Shepard. Saint Bernard. Or Gary Oldman in Dracula. He would really dig this one. Guaranteed end results. So, I am going to play the one”

  • WHAM-O
  1. These pictures were taken 3 weeks of owning the WHAM-O

WEsT PAWS, $19.00the end….


We first tried out the Small frisbees from Petco that cost 2.99 each My first reaction was how smooth and accurate they flew, and the ease at which she caught them. Took me by surprise and I know she was very pleased with herself when she found out she was able to catch this thing called Frisbee. This are those now.



I’VE SINCE BOUGHT TWO MOREThe yellow one 3 hours

The pink I’m holding out until there is NOTHING left

Still reviewing 2 more

Ok. So I’m just going to post all the beginning posts I was trying to polish before I realized there is a lot of different frisbees, Er, flying discs, and there are extremely talented people and their dogs that are exceptionally more talented than Charley and I. haven’t told her. She already knows. I can tell when she’s around”fluffy Twinkie” dogs that she acts superior and… bored. And a flat out bully. But it’s really comical because when we watch the tournaments online she will literally turn her head away and refuse to watch. It’s only if i go down the hall or open the fridge when I see her nabbing a peek at the tv. Dang it. She is so smart that I have put on videos about roll over, drop it, And she’s mastered it fully in just a few hours.


summary of what i’ve learned


  • wham-o
  • nerf
  • chuck-it
  • petco
  • kong
  • wallspet
  • dollar tree


Cost: 12.99/ Target/AMAZON, or look up wham-o

  • Solid throw, feels like that total awesome tennis ball hit
  • Solid material, although teeth marks where immediately visible
  • Makes Charley extremely amped up
  • Helps me to feel like a cool California chic
  • Standard Colors, like red, white, blue
  • Will last a good 3 weeks with everyday use on an 11 month old Australian Shepard
  • There are 3 round of rings until getting to the last circle that says WHAM-O
  • Dog excitement when the Wham-o appears
  • Dogs ( some ) REALLY want to play – so good for motivation
  • Because of hard, solid material, I think it is a bit harsh on the catch and dog’s teeth
  • It lasted only 3 weeks before the solid fly pattern lasted. (*note: not used as prescribed)
  • Pet being pretty upset when this Frisbee goes missing
  • Pet being pretty focused when even a tiny bit of the frisbee is shown (she still went into hyper-mode when just the remaining rim was all that was left.
  • Is not available in a subscription

No title

I haven’t posted in awhile. Supposedly if one goes without journaling for awhile that means a lot has been happening or there’s a change in oneself. I’ve got a lot to share about Charley but I just can’t seem to journal at the moment.

I’m hoping that just by restarting again I’ll get in the mood because I really enjoy writing. It feels as if I’m improving myself, or getting to know myself better. It also helps to record Charley’s funny little life and what good she’s brought me.

I just posted this to kick myself back in to doing just that.

Creepy Abandon House leads to ASSAY HOUSE

Sunday morning walk

It’s just the vacant, creepy house up the street that’s right next to this quaint historical monument.

I didn’t really know what this historical monument was, and even after reading the plaque on the outside I was more confused.

So I looked up Assay Office in Seattle. I was quite intrigued to find there is a lot behind the Assay Office. Especially the Seattle Assay Office

An Assay Office, according to http://theessayoffice.com, treats precious metals to see the validity and to protect consumers from buying fraudulent items. Once the item passes the test, it is stamped with an official hallmark of authenticity.

The Seattle Assay Office was first built in 1868 by a Thomas Prosch for a place for businesses to have an office or a space for an entertainment venue. It was flipped over as an Assay Office in 1898 when it was decided the flow of the gold from the Yukon Gold Rush was large enough that it needed to be weighed and evaluated so people could cash out. The found gold was melted down into bars, stamped with a Federal seal and sent off to the mint in Philadelphia in exchange for a government check to the individual. Eventually the office was shut down in 1935 due to the decrease of the gold deposits.

The Seattle Assay Club, when googled, is also called The German Club. I learned that once business died it briefly became a gathering place for German-American citizens before World War II after being purchased by a Deutshes Haus. During the war it was used for a variety of different Seattle women’s organizations. It was then renovated and a second floor was added for a ballroom that held dances for U.S. Military officers. After the war it was given back to the German Americans and it’s currently back to being a German gathering. It’s not open to the public so I can’t describe the inside of the building.

But I thought that was really cool. I learned a few things today, and it’s all because that creepy vacant house has been standing there for 3 years just waiting to be photographed.