wouldn’t it be funny if humans were like dogs? Anytime we’d see somebody we were attracted to we would stop and just stare? The way dogs act as if they just found their lost love? Or love at first sight? We would stop walking and just stare. Maybe do a little trot. Better yet, we would WHINE if we were REALLY REALLY attracted to the other person? That would take a lot of the b.s. and questioning out in our love life. Speed up the process. DANG SOCIETY POLICE!!!

Ok. Back to the guy. I’ll admit I thought him to be a bit scruffy or just a guy who was trying to be a cool scruffy type. But maybe I was being judgmental because I was intrigued. Him and his dog seemed to have the same relationship as Charley and I. As in they spend all day, every day together. He said something like, “oh my dog and I have been together for 5 years. I got him at 4 months old“. I suddenly felt a little edge over him …. weird,,,,,,as I told him I got Charley at 6 weeks. I actually got a double look and a feeling (or a hope) i was a relatable gal.

As we started talking more I asked him if he was around from here because I hadn’t seen him before. He comes later at night but just felt like stopping by in the afternoon. He had brought a gallon of water that looked like the traveling all day typical gallon. He had tossed it on the ground and I noticed he brought a book. I tried to take a look at the title but couldn’t quite see it. I think his dog’s name is Toby. He asked me the name of mine. CHARLEY WAFFLE. He chuckled. I did a brief run down of the origins of her name. CHARLEY because I was always saying “sorry CHARLEY “ when she was a mischievous puppy. WAFFLE because I recently found out my biological mother was from Belgium. Didn’t get citizenship until 1984. Which makes me first generation, I think. “WHy is that?”i found out about a year ago I was adopted.” “Your parents (he said parents-in a good way so it sounds like he have relationship with his parents… that’s good , right? maybe?) didn’t tell you? Why? How? “VIA MESSENGER. CONTROLLING SCARY WOMAN FOR MOTHER,”. He paused. “Boy, that definitely changes it up in this stage of life,” I couldn’t have agreed more.

That was about it. For some reason it seemed like everybody’s dog was either around him or would be around me. Back and forth- pack mentality. It seemed like the whole dog park had infiltrated my hiding spot.

I saw another guy that I recognized because I heard him call his dog “Olive.” Yep it was the same Olive dog. Except her whole muzzle was gray. He had his 4 year old daughter with him and told me he also had a 10 month at home. I got excited about the newborn but he just shook his head, sighed and said, “it’s tough it really is”. He added on,” suddenly you have to put all your dreams on hold and aspirations “ I didn’t think that was all that bad to do it. I wanted to stop living for just myself. How selfish I’d felt. I didn’t have children till 35 so a 4 year old and 10 month old I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE NOW AT 50!!! I was able to tell him with sincerity that I would never take being a mother back but thinking about it fully and being a parent sometimes flat out SUCKS. SUCKS

All in all it was a fun day. Saw some familiar dogs. Familiar owners. Met a guy (oh my gosh…..I just realized I forgot his name!) that intrigues me. Even momentarily. Got me thinking about the possibility of some sort of dating. Ugh. Never mind. I hate that word. Dislike I mean One REALLY COOL thing about being 50 is I have a strong sense of what I like and don’t. I am kinda beginning ok with myself too. Which is pretty cool.

I saw the guy I thought was interesting again at the park. He was with his girlfriend. Ha. Funny. And I feel relieved.

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