Charley Waffle and I are riding the bus back from the park. We are both exhausted. I was falling asleep on the bus And then I heard a thud. My phone had fallen out of my hand. That was kind of weird. I didn’t know I was fading off until saved by the thud.

We had seen Parker again, a little mini husky.? ??A few retrievers. Labs. And of course some sort of a Doodle. Labradoodle There Are several different Doodles. All I know is that they don’t shed. And I like to say “Doodle.”

There is also almost ALWAYS a breed that comes from Texas. Via Italy or Asia or South America. . Breeds I’ve never heard of. I always wonder WHY? HOW? I know how they come from Texas But why these rare breeds? Oh well. I’m always quick to find where they are from and how rare their dog is. That’s cool and if they are a rescue even better. My story of getting Charley on Craigslist for $500 at 6 weeks old from a farm almost seems criminal. Especially if I tell the story how she kneads this velour blanket over and over until she goes to sleep. probably because she was weened too soon. Was that a rescue? Ahh…. maybe from myself!

The grass is growing at the park at a rapid rate so I would look up and everybody, included me and all dogs had our nose pointed to the ground searching for our Pet’s ball. Even though it seemed today’s color was bright orange. Ours was the ragged faded orange into brown with no bounce. Anytime somebody would yell ”Who’s Ball?” I would say, “Is it a ratty orange muddy mess almost split into two?” Yep. At least I only had myself to blame if ours went missing!

I was at the far end of the park and this guy comes into the park area. I took notice because he looked like a colorful guy. Not his clothes but maybe the initial thought?? Vibe? Or I just knew he didn’t beat to the norms of blue colored group of people. Or I know…. a kindred spirit . I kinda felt I was observing the male version of me , if that makes sense. He kinda looked like an Berkeley LALAPOOLOZA (sp) Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Maybe a liking of Jerry Garcia. Mix and match. Well, I guess somebody that I could relate to. Was I maybe slightly attracted to him? Was that why I wanted to talk with him?

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