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The most devastating news happened to Charley and I yesterday evening. I had promised we’d go to a major playtime meaning fully equipped with frisbees, a yoga ball, tennis balls, and yes….Her all time favorite big blue ball (BBB) labeled “INDESTRUCTIBLE” from Amazon. Unfortunately we only know it’s partially true from the short life of the BBB.


Charley has been soooo good about recall, somewhat. A lot better than a month or so ago. So I trusted her when I said “yeah, it’s ok. Go get it “

The BBB sat in a huge tote bag from Trader Joe’s. Bright yellow and Blue. Very noticeable. Very summery. Past experiences have taught me to encase this ball at all costs. She can’t keep her eyes off of it. One time she knocked It out of my hands. Luckily it was in the parking lot so the BBB could only roll a certain set perimeter.

However, the second time I had made the mistake of dribbling it down the alley with her, soccer style. It got away and headed so quick around the corner and started lobbing down this incredibly steep block that led right into the street. A street that leads to a freeway. I’d watched in horror as she took off like a rogue agent on her mission, Her ONLY mission, was to keep that BBB In check. That dang sheep was not going to get away from her! Not on her watch!!!!!

Since then I’ve bagged the BBB if I’m to carry it ANYWHERE.

I’ve got to mention she just started getting really good, too. She’ll roll it in her own around up and down the parking lot. She even knows how to parade the BBB between the two safety cones I put out to make it act like a pen.

**********ok real quick *****for crossword fanatics…… what sound does a pen make??? 4 letters. …….. answers located bottom

So we headed out, down the alley, ball in tote, to do some herding with all balls listed above. We took a quick break by the wall for she’d just gotten in trouble for pulling so hard due to her excitement of the upcoming TOTAL AND ABSOLUTELY BALL-O-RAMA!!! She started nudging the tote bag with BBB and a slight roll started happening. It was rolling lazily down the sidewalk. She kept looking at me, looking at the tote, me,tote., me,…I finally said “go get it!” She had enough time to stop it but just in case I was speed walking right behind her. She stopped the ball but I guess the power of inertia took over and it popped on and over her and into the street.

Just as I could see her body tense in a way that told me she was going to follow it to the end of the earth I yelled “Stop!!!!” In my “you better” voice. She stopped right at the curb. I was right by her now and noticed this white van coming down the street.

It seemed to swerve a little bit, and I thought they would stop or dodge it, anything but what happened before our eyes.

All of-a sudden we hear a “WHOMP!!” The van drove right over the BBB. First shock. I expected to hear a splintery sound or a mini “POOF” as it exploded from being hit but NO. I expected them to stop and worried I really messed the van up. I was ready to pay the fines. but NO …. THE VAN KEPT DRIVING!!!! We both took off running after it as it hit the first light, I thought surely he’d see a human and a dog running and SCREAMING. NOPE. Kept going. The next light led the van to the freeway.

We stood there. I think I cried out and threw my fists in the air “NO!!!!!” Poor little Charley wouldn’t leave the curb. She kept looking as to where the BBB disappeared. I felt like she looked. I was so looking forward to doing a BALL-O-RAMO night.

So so I suppose sure to a review for the indestructible ball from Amazon yes as far as I could see it was totally indestructible it survived a freaking van attack and from far as we know of straight up freeway drive to who knows where. That was our short history with the BBB.




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