Charley got stabbed. Stabbed by what I believe by a huge jagged stick. In the park. Where we always go.

It was an amazingly beautiful day so under her strong suggestions and very persistent behavior I decided it was a good day to make it all about the park and sun and fun. A total Charley day!!

I really don’t know of any other days that aren’t a CHARLEY DAY but this day I’d decided to put any slight notion that I may succeed in getting anything accomplished to rest. It was a total 100 percent commitment to CHARLEY.

Book, balls and frisbee in back pack we headed out to our usual oasis and found our usual dugout under our usual tree. First toss of a frisbee followed by a Chuck-It launch and we were off and running.

Slowly the migration of owners and dogs mid morning on a Saturday began. A lab. A doodle. A Heinz-57. A wonderful Corgi.

Being a social butterfly Charley started making her rounds meeting and greeting everyone. I’ve gotten used to people’s first reaction of Charley barreling at them with my apologetic explanation that she’s super geeky and safe, for within 2 minutes everybody can see that. An hour in She’s the park’s favorite. Complimenting her on her coat, how well behaved (uh???!?!??) she is, how sweet, and, oh how energetic she is!!!!! YAY!!!!

It’s the Corgi’s she really likes. She perked when one trotted into the park. She played with a similar one the other day. What started out as a teenager brawl ended up being tumble and play buddies all day. Maybe she thought this one was her friend from the other day. I can’t help but notice how Corgis look like flying ottomans when they run. I can’t stop giggling. I also remembered that Corgis are herding dogs. I can see that. Quick. Little ankle biters But so quick for such squatty little things.

I pretty know where Charley is at all times. I’ve heard of people stealing dogs. That’s part of the reason I let her off leash when at a park. A big one. One that I’m familiar with. Because it’s easier to grab a dog if they are on a leash. That’s the only way somebody else but me could get her. I also don’t want the leash tangling up on anything. Which has happened.

I knew she was with the Corgi. I met the parents of this one on this day. Nice laid back folks. Picnic. Blanket. Books. Sun bathing. Just enjoying their day with their dog at the park. Fun in the Sun

Well, their Corgi returned to the picnic and blanket and laid down next to the owners. Ok. Charley should be here soon. Hmmmm. Well…. ok. I yelled out “SQUISHY “ ( her nickname) and Viola!!! Her she comes running out towards me, big old snot eating grin. She was all over me, wiggles, waggles, kisses.

I was petting her and giving her love when I felt a little fur bundle on her side. Thinking it was a clump of dry grass or weeds I started to brush it off.

I turned from a happy Sunny love love Charley day to a OH MY BROTHER!!! WHAT THE F IS THAT CHARLEY? What the f IS that!???!!!


I turned her around and was met face to face with this gaping wound and a flap of her skin hanging down. I was still like what the f??? What? Who?? I demanded from her, “WHAT HAPPENED??? What did you get into?”” I knew the Corgi hadn’t done this. I never heard a Yelp. I never heard ANYTHING from Charley until I looked at it closer. She yelped that gawd awful sound dogs do when something is hurting them.

I ran into a couple of my friends on the way of traveling back to our house. They all said she wasn’t acting herself. She wasn’t her usual. Her eyes looked pained. I knew that too. The emergency vet closest to us was a 5 to 6 hour wait. Good God she could be dead by then. It didn’t help matters that I don’t have a car and rely on public transportation. That added to my almost full state of PANIC.

I knew there was Blue Pearl right where we lived. A couple people from My building helped bandage her. I went to Blue Pearl, had to call them for them to come to the door, waited 25 minutes for them to come out and say they were at full capacity. They handed me a sticky note with the phone number of a vet in somewhere. Don’t know. I needed something done ASAP!!!! Couldn’t they see that? Isn’t my dog the only one that is special??!!?? Come on guys!!!

I had to settle for their advice. Wash it. Bandage it. Don’t let her mess with it. Take her in the morning.

My Buddy Mike told me to go to this vets place where his sister worked. Walk ins at 9. I got there at 9:05. Line. The wait 3 to 4 hours.

Finally at 1:35 they saw us. It looked horrible. Ask they could do was bandage, clean and schedule surgery tomorrow.

We walked out with a bandage around her belly, antibiotics, pain reliever for they said they couldn’t shave around it she was in so much pain ( my fricking poor little girl) a beautiful fashion accessory called a cone, and 250 dollars less in the bank.

Tomorrow at 8 emergency surgery. Clear across town. 500 dollars.

She doesn’t like her cone. I think she thinks I’m doing it on purpose because I scold her when she tries to eat things off the ground. Or she tries to do something I know is not safe for her.

She can’t do either of those. Eat off the floor. Do something she’s not supposed to.

I’m not doing it to be mean, seriously Charley. I’m doing this because I have to.

This was a 100 percent CHARLEY WAFFLE day. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

I’m going to get pet insurance. At 9 months old and this injury and her adventurousness I’ll probably (hopefully not) will need it.

Nice tube top

My poor Charley Waffle.

Poor Charley. Poor wallet.

I love my squishy bean.

Oh my little squishy. Universe give her some ❤️ LOVE





2 responses to “CHARLEY GOT STABBED”

  1. LA Avatar

    Poor thing! Hope Charlie is better soon!


  2. Charley Waffle Avatar

    Thank you! I know! It’s so hard for her because she is so active!

    Liked by 1 person

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