No more pills. Too much ice cream. 7/2/21

Today, or actually last night was the last night that I had to forcibly put, (almost shove) Charley’s pills down her throat. She is done with both antibiotics, one for her initial injury day 1, and a second one for her surgery(ies) and extra Trazodone to keep her “mello” . And codeine. Which knocked her out completely. I got to catch up on my emails and started to tackle spring cleaning! YAy!!


I managed to keep her in a two week cone imprisonment. It was hard but the thought of a third surgery made me quite vigilant that thing stayed on. A couple of times she was able to pop it off of her head by a variety of technics. She’d scrape it against trees and bushes, roll around furiously on the grass and shake her head back and forth until the tabs started loosening. The last few days she was a Bonafide Houdini master of the Cone.

After disappearing in the trees, she came back coneless.

I, too, became a CONE MASTER. I found out that cute little bow that was intertwined and laced on the outside of the cone she came home with was not just a cute fashion accessory to make her feel better, but it served a purpose. It secured the cone around her head in a way where at least it was an obvious scene when she would try to get it off. The bow changed a few times, though, to some twine or string or a solo shoe string. ANYTHING to keep it secure.


I found that a tie-strap, or whatever they are called, is the way to go. ZIP TIES! That’s what they are called! They don’t cost much, easy to attach, hard to get out of, and I unexpectedly got creative burst of ideas, silly or out of necessity or me from those things. PLUS, the zip ties I happened to find in the bottom of my “tool drawer” in the kitchen were clear, which matched her clear cone splendidly.


Back to the pills. “Everybody” made it sound so easy. “Just hide it in her food.” Yeah right. “Have you tried mixing it with wet food?” That was a “DUH DER DOY!” Butter? Yes, at first that worked. Until she was able to pocket the pills on the side of her cheek and roll them around and spit them out. A chalky and buttery, slobbery mess would slide down the inside of her cone and land at the base of her neck. GROSS.

I decided to try ice cream. Partly because I was really craving some, and the rest because she always eyeballs me when I’m eating it, and maybe she may forget if I shoved a pill in the middle of a mouthful of ice cream. (Plus, that was her first taste of human food at 6 weeks old. BIG MISTAKE)

Unfortunately, AMAZON FRESH makes ordering food fun and almost as impulsive as going to the store hungry. Those 2 hour delivery times are almost as good as instant gratification, but with a bonus.

It feels like I’m getting a present.

Turns out the ice cream selection in Amazon Fresh is large. Very very large. And look,, they have BEN & JERRY’S.

Awhile ago I got hooked crazy style with Ben and Jerry’s FroYo. I haven’t been able to find it lately, and it was frustrating me. It’s the Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia FROYO I love. It has just the right sweetness yet not the sweet sugary taste I find with their ice cream that’s a bit too strong for me. They also have a Chocolate FroYo and a Strawberry Cheesecake but those I find too sweet as well. If the Cherry Garcia comes back(FroYo) I’m picking up extra stock. I’ve turned a many people on to the FROYO. CHERRY GARCIA FLAVOR.


I decided to try the non GMO version thinking maybe it was labeled differently now and it had pulled up when I typed in the keyword “Ben & Jerry FroYo Cherry Garcia”.

It wasn’t even close. It wasn’t firm like the FroYo nor did it have the popping flavor. It seemed kinda, I dunno, watered down. Slushy way too quick. Runny. Cherries too big.

But, I’d ordered two of them, plus coffee ice cream, mint and chocolate chip, a couple different brands of vanilla bean, Mango Bars, and for some weird reason that huge pail of Neapolitan ice cream that cost only 5 dollars. I was on a roll. Oh yeah! I ordered two cans of whipped cream as well.

I’ve never bought myself the canned whip cream for just myself. It sounded great. A little guilty gift for me.

I am planning on doing this.

So I thought I could just give her a scoop of ice cream and put the pill somewhere in the middle. Seemed pretty easy. It was, Except she would eat everything around the pill and WOULD NOT touch the treat again. SMARTY FARTY.

I tried the mango bars. Those are really good. Very good. SHE LOVED them. Until she figured out they, too, were loaded with that eichy medicine. DANG IT.

The Whipped Cream in a can was probably the best idea. I shook the can hearing the metal bead tinkering and then WOOOSSHH. I made this cream castle over the pills and tried handing them to her as is. I managed the first few times but she caught on.

She’ tucked her tail in and crept away to hide inside her “bedroom” . She tried to be invisible by the front door. Probably hoping it would magically open and she’d run to freedom.


I was getting very annoyed and somewhat very tired of this charade. So, I became the Alpha female. I walked right up to her, took Her nose and pried open her clamped jaw. I took the pills, pushed them all the way to her throat, held her jaw tight until I was sure it was down. .

Every time she looked like everything she believed in me was A LIE. IT was a 100% betrayal on my part. HOW COULD YOU????”””I’m sorry but I have to do it “ but I have to admit that I did kind of enjoy the quiet and she started going to sleep and I could start working on my emails again I have to admit I kind of liked it and I don’t know if that makes me a bad person but I really needed me time. Me time equals a good time. That equates to a great time for CHARLEY!!!

It’s finally over and I still have like a few things of ice cream well not really because I ended up eating all those ice cream’s and I ended up ordering more because I am all of a sudden addicted to ice cream I loved having ice cream as a chaser for her medicine. but now I realize it was my excuse to try a wide variety of ice cream. That and I thought it was amazing Amazon delivered ice cream.

I also found out they deliver alcohol. How convenient…. gotta try that one out now!!!


I didn’t have a chance to finish this because a major debacle with Charley and her running after a bunny.

What I was going to say in the end of this is that I don’t have to worry about eating ice cream or whipped in front of her and getting those whimpering eyes and licking her chops while I indulge because she runs and hides. She doesn’t want anything to do with either. Those two things only mean one thing. I did not plan that. But in the aftermath off the events of tonight I really don’t care if she looks at me with pleading eyes and the incessant whining. She can do it all she wants. Because I missed her And I was scared she was lost forever.





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