I Took Charlie out to where we usually goes labyrinth and what not and she’s feeling like yourself in this phone and like we are getting our stuff to go and like she took after that after his buddy and I have not seen her know it’s been like an hour and a half and I’m just posting this because I don’t know what I mean in June I don’t know where she’s at and I’m freaking out so just please send some love any help






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  1. swyuy Avatar

    OMG, this happened to me with my cat too! Do you live in a street or a cul-de-sac? What’s Charley’s favorite snack? What I did was shake some of my cat’s favorite treats. But he didn’t come. The best thing I could do was to search for him for a few days and put up flyers around the neighborhood. Does Charley have a chip?, that might help. Sending lots of love and hope. I hope you find Charley soon. ❤


  2. swyuy Avatar

    I’m so sorry, I realized I spelt Charlie’s name wrong, I’m so sorry. My cat turned up a few days later and I hope Charlie comes back twice the speed.

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  3. Charley Waffle Avatar

    I had Edward and Jacob. My two bit cats. Edward passed at 18!! I was in full denial. Jacob went missing for 2 months. Came back breaking through a screen window. He was so skinny. So I am first a cat person. Dogs are definitely a bit needier I’d say. But I understand cats too!

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  4. Charley Waffle Avatar

    You know what. Charley does not have a chip. And I was thinking I really need to do that before this happened. So this is my second chance to do it our next time may turn out a lot different!

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