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Man, the more I learn about Australian Shepherds/Border Collies I am totally gaining a slight understanding on what exactly this breed is about. I feel so much comfort when I tell people what she is made of, and I get wide eyes and sometimes a sympathetic smile with a a big, “Oh!!!! Boy, you have your hands full!” All sometimes I can say is, “Yes, and so very very smart!”

One gal nicely described her Border Collie as her little punk. Well, I can kinda see that. I think it is more like Miss Smarty Pants

We were walking just down and around, here and there, and of course we always run into somebody else with a dog. We have to go through with every one the longing stare, the won’t budge because this is my true love.… wondering if this owner wants to socialize, or is peculiar about their dog, or, you never know. This happens at least three times a day. As we start nearing the other party, Charley’s ears go up to their full length, she gallantly starts trotting, her tail curled, confidence just over flowing,…. the whole time the other dog starts growling, snarling, barking…the owner is frantically trying to get their dog away from us or from her, I don’t know. I can never tell because sometimes they are apologetic, but I have gotten a few people snap at me and tell me to control my dog, and I shouldn’t have my dog on this side or that, and don’t I know , and are we are the only reason their dog is acting this way???

I forget what type of dog it was, but the franticness and the chaos and qembarrassment this poor person was going through I just wasn’t really feeling it. We’d been out all day, and although it seemed 5 minutes to her, all I could do was just watch as we walked by. I didn’t feel like making the person feel better, or worse. I didn’t pull Charley way off to the side and be apologetic. I wasn’t watching in amusement. I was just like, “Here we go again…”

Charley is good on this. Very extremely good. This is probably one thing I am 100 % confident about with her. And I am going to give her the highest compliment. She has never reciprocated that emotion or behavior back. She’s almost ZEN like about it. She trotted by this couple and I happened to glance at her face. All I saw was amusement. And.. .. I think a little taunting…..I am not sure though. She followed the dog’ with her eyes and head holding up high and then nonchalantly turned to the front, never missing a beat.

I was mulling it over lazily in my head when I heard this bellowing laughter across the street. Some guy was almost doubled over and just laughing. I think he was a bit red. “Your dog’s reaction was priceless!!! That made my entire day! She looks like she’s saying, “Are you ok? Get a hold of yourself!”

I smiled to myself. I think I was right. She was amused. And I know her. She taunted the other dog.

My Charley is a funny bird. I just don’t like it when she gives me the amusing stare and the glimmer in her eye.

Dang Miss Smarty Pants.

God I just love her.


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