Charley’s Bubble Gum Butt

This is the funniest thing that happened the other day. Charley and I were on the bus, and she was sitting on the seat next to me The bus driver happened to be really cool and didn’t mind.

We got off and these two guys were “lounging” on the sidewalk Well, one was lying, propped up by his arm, and the other was sitting on the newspaper dispenser. He held out a pack of cigarettes and wanted to know if I wanted to buy them. I said not today

The other guy was just giggling hysterically and I really just thought he had been up but a few, or he’d been sniffing glue. I just kinda smiled.

He just kept laughing as I pulled Charley to my side to get walking when I saw this huge pink blob on her butt. I focused on it again and looked at the guy. “Is that what you were laughing at? “. He nodded, laughing now. I started dying laughing with him

She had a big, chewed up, pink piece of Bubble Gum stuck on her butt. I peeled it off of her hair, which wasn’t easy, and tossed it, thinking at the same time I should leave it and take a picture. Can’t recreate something like that!

The three of us were just having a good laugh on poor Charley’s behalf.

They asked me if I wanted to get high I said I Already feel high so no thank you not today not anymore and then we just carried on our way

That is a true story and it was the funniest dang thing I’ve ever seen she sat on a piece of gum on the on the bus seat how funny is that oh my gosh so that’s I just had to share that. so that’s the story of a Charley Waffle‘s bubblegum Butt.






4 responses to “Charley’s Bubble Gum Butt”

  1. mattsnyder1970 Avatar

    At least they weren’t asshole druggies, poor Charlie lol

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  2. C.W. Avatar

    I know, right??? They were definitely doing their thing but I think it was the way I responded to them that kept it light. Poor Charley is right, but she didn’t even know it was on her. I have to admit the whole scene has a comical feel about it. Poor little Squishy Bean! ( that’s 1 of many nicknames for her)

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  3. mattsnyder1970 Avatar

    Could’ve been worse, you could’ve sat in gum too

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  4. C.W. Avatar

    (I’m glad it’s them and not me!) It’s a good thing she didn’t know what the heck because I would’ve been mortified!

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