Herder? Cosmo Goddess?

Early this morning, 3 a.m., the only time I can get something small done, I was working on the computer and I kept hearing ruckus behind me. Of course I knew it was Charley and of course I knew she was trying to do anything to get my attention to focus Only on her, so I let it go for a minute or so. Then, SILENCE. For a grip of minutes. This intrigued me a bit. I turn around slowly, in case she was asleep (please, please, please) and saw this;

/Ats Her 3 bones worshipping her??? Umm…good sheep now go to sleep?

Her bones had been in her “room”. I was half tempted to measure the distances from latitude to longitude, or something to make it even more magical. Or was it her finally getting her sheep home and put to bed? Or just making them encircle her for the goddess that she is?

I don’t know. Anybody’s guess is as good s as mine.

She’s the strangest, funniest bird by far.

Oh!!! She turns 1 on the 8th!

Maybe it’s a hint she wants a tiara. Hmmm.






2 responses to “Herder? Cosmo Goddess?”

  1. C.W. Avatar

    Thank you! She just turned 1 year on the 8th. That is her 6 wks old!!

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