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Charley Waffle is ONE YEAR OLD today!!!! I’ve been compiling this baby book of her first year and I’m so frustrated! I’ve got clips on her first days with me, pictures of her baby self that I just can’t seem to find!!! Ugh!

I’ve had that little BoogerButt, Squishy Bean, Smarty Pants, Waffle, and other random love Nick names that pop out of my mouth since she was 6 weeks old. Barely weaned. she still sucked on her velour blanket every night, or when she gets exhausted.

Her blankie

I was going to take her to the dog beach today but, as luck has it, she’s gone into her second heat. She was scheduled to get “fixed” this past weekend but that has to be put off. So does the beach. Poor little thing!

I’ll have to think of something else because keeping her down is a task. Plus, she’s acting very, oh, feral I guess??? Sniffing, cautious, very aware. I’ve heard it’s the way of nature and if she gets off leash it’s a done deal.

So I guess I’ll entertain her with some more dance and tap lessons. How fun for her.

Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a lively tribute of her first year. I’ve noticed she gets at least 5 compliments a day so I hope I do her justice!

She’s whining at the door. Gotta go…..


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