“Wow! Is your dog a Dingo?” I’ve been asked if she is Blue Healer, a cattle dog, and lastly, an Australian/Border Collie.

I had to see how closely she resembles a Dingo. I only know their home is Australia, and the late Steve Irwin talked about them. I believe he had a couple as pets that were domesticated.

On this day, a total of three individuals, same day, way different locations, asked me if she was a Dingo.

The only thing I could think of was googling Steve Irwin/Dingos. My eyes were scanning the titles when they stopped. “Dingo Ate My Baby!” I started smiling for I’ve heard that statement before, usually in a humorous manner. BUT, by the end of the first sentence, I realized IT WAS A REALLY DARK STORY. I NEVER KNEW. I’m so glad I looked it up before I blindly posted that title.


Lindy and Michael Chamberlain were camping with their 10week o

She old baby girl, Azaria. During this, Lindy heard howling And witnessed a wild dog exit thir tent where the Baby girl was. Running in after seeing the dog leave, she realized their baby was gone. Supposedly she ran out of the tent screaming to her husband, “A Dingo Ate My Baby!”.

After an investigation, where no body was found, and only partial clothing with blood on the collar, they were accused of placing and staging, they were jailed. Lindy was found guilty of slicing her daughter’s throat and sentenced to life imprisonment. Her husband got probation for participating as an accessory.

She’s got the Dingo tongue

All of her appeals ran out. She has no more chances. However 3 1/2 YEARS LATER, the truth came out with a result of another tragedy. Her little dead girl’s clothing was found in a Dingo’s lair after a tourist fell to his death and his body landed in front of the den.

Think about that. Sitting in jail, FOR LIFE. Knowing you were innocent. HER daughter was dead. She and her husband had divorced. I hear of horrible things like this and it always reminds me THAT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYBODY!!!

How many people are in jail, wrongly accused? How many didn’t get that weird stroke of luck, even though it was out of a tragedy? HOW LUCKY, or, what would you call that? Faith? LUCKY is the only word that comes to my mind.

Oh yeah, worse yet, she wasn’t fully exonerated until 2012, when, the newly found , (3 1/2 years later), clothing was sent to forensics and the validation of the blood, wounds, all other forensic stuff involved, did they say, yes, a Dingo, had in fact, Ate her Baby.

Here are some pictures of Dingos vs Charley Waffle. I know that Australian Shepard/collie originated in Australia, and the Dingo has been mating with domesticated dogs for a while. There are not many purebred Dingos left. They are viewed as a pest, with Open Season all year. Kinda like ground squirrels in Colorado.

ÉThe Lovely Last Steve Irwin
What do you think?
A Dingo

M de She does kinda look like a Dingo. But that story made me grateful, sad and horrified. I’m glad a Dingo didn’t eat my little DINGO, Charley Waffle.

i can’t believe I never knew that story! Is that new for anybody else?

4 responses to “CHARLEY IS A DINGO-O-O”

  1. I think so too. She is supposed to be an Australian Shepard/Border Collie, but the only thing that resembles is the spots on her little legs. I read the temperament of a Dingo and she fits it more accurately than the other two. She’s kind of really wild. Very independent. I always thought it was kinda silly to do a dna test but I may just do that. Might help to understand her more, and to see what health issues I’m up against!

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