When will it be over?????

I am having a difficult time trying to figure out when Charley will be out of her heat. The reason for this, is she is going through what is called a “dry” heat. Basically there is no, or little, blood. So, therefore, I have to gauge this by her behavior, and that can only be done by taking her outside.

Ever since the episode the other day, when she bolted from me, ran across 4 lanes of traffic, 3 TIMES total, all due to the INSTINCT OF NATURE, she’s been amazingly, super great about having her outside time significantly cut by 75%. She usually does everything in her power to stall me, or force me take her by means of a major guilt trip. I never thought I’d fall for puppy eyes, but I swear, she can make hers very large, brim up with tears, and her cheeks flutter in and out like she’d hyperventilating. No joke.

But now, she’ll just sit on the bed, (my bed), and just kinda lowers her eyes, almost apologetic over something that she has no control over, which I realized kinda the hard way, but luckily, did not result in a major accident, or her getting hit. God forbid.

I have read everything about the heat cycle in dogs, and what I got out of it, for now, that it is either going to last 8 days-2 weeks, maybe a month, give or take 1/2 day??? I don’t quite know. I didn’t really have time to plot out her schedule and timing and behavior. This happened all of a sudden, and far more different than my other experience. So, the only thing I could think that would be my best bet was to test her on a walk with her favorite thing. BALLS. The one thing she will ALWAYS pay attention to is that dang Indestructible Ball. ALWAYS.

I kinda had a hunch she was still in her heat when I had THE ball in a bag, heading for the door, and the only excitement she showed were a pair of eager eyes, looking ONLY at the door, and not THE ball in a bag that was in my hand. It became even more apparent when I only got a few nudges of her nose at THE ball, once outside, followed by quick, darting glances. I let it go a couple more nudges before I said,”ok Charley. We gotta go in.” She didn’t fight me, or complain.

I tried it again last night. This time I just tried a short walk to the corner store where her “boyfriend”, Nick works. He’s known her since she was a small puppy, and she absolutely melts like ”butta” when she sees him. This time, because it’s been a few days of non-play, she unloaded this huge puddle of pee when she saw him. She squealed, squeaked, fell down, whimpered. Poor little thing. This must be absolute hell for her.

Charley & Nick.

I took her out later, with THE ball, leash still attached, for about 20 minutes until she started acting squirrelly again.

I know she can’t wait till this is over, and honestly, it may be me who really can’t wait. I’ve gone on so many adventures with her, and places, met many different people, m learned new things, and have been very active for the last 12 months I’ve felt healthier, even though exhausted at times, and I can fit into my pants without having to lie in the bed to zip some of them up, or resorting to my work out pants.

I have been kinda feeling BLAH this little time we’ve been basically stagnant. Kinda like what she looks like at the moment:

We only have a few more weeks of summer, and it’s been absolutely amazing this year. I don’t know if it’s because the weather has been consistent, and consistently beautiful, or everybody is out and about, and living it this year. I just wish Charley would (as if) hurry up so we can both get out there and enjoy it.

The first thing on my DO TO LIST IS:







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