Took Charley out this morning and in the evening to test where she might be in her stage of heat. She’s having a “dry heat”, meaning she’s not bleeding at all. Makes it hard for me to tell.

It’s gotten a bit more intense. I think male dogs are catching wind (literally) of her, and marking areas around where we exit out building. She is hell bent on something… much more than when she smells bunnies. Her pull is solid and very commanding. This time she didn’t even look at THE ball. Or a frisbee. She actually showed her frustration at me by pretending she was covering up her do-do. I’ve heard that is a sign of aggression, or trying to be domineering.

Here she goes

She even tried to ditch her frisbee behind a car, knowing I’d go and get it, then ditching me by going to the opposite side. I caught her just as she was ready to bolt. I wish I could’ve taken a picture of her face when she came around and saw me. It was priceless!

The thing is, nobody believes me how intelligent she really is. It’s scary at times.

She knows how to make me laugh, make me frustrated, or make me give into whatever she wants. We’ve gotten so much closer these last two months. I’m feeling we are understanding of each other more. The other morning I woke up to our toes touching. (Probably reading too much into it ) And she’s being really good about the issue she’s dealing with. I can tell she knows something’s up, and she wants to run, yet at the same time, doesn’t want to run to be bad. She just can’t help it.

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