Tested Charley’s progress with her issue. She did really good last night. 100 % focus on her Indestructible Ball, and her 2 frisbees. She only had her WEST PAWS ( new version of the old Westpaws we had) and a half eaten Petco frisbee. But, dang, things still flies. And 4 tennis balls and a tennis racket.

New West Pawsdifferent material
Old West Paws-what’s left!Old West Paws-what’s left!

I brought on an Arsenal for back up in case her attention drifted. “Looking for that hey cat….. “(Primus quote)! I didn’t want a rogue Waffle that is in heat on the loose.

OH YEAH!! We found a new sport. It just kinda happened. I was thinking of those Nerf rocker shooters that spit tennis balls. But, Nah, after thinking it over and realizing that the Nerf thing is like a little kid toy for her, I think I need one of those professional tennis balls spitters.

Anyway, I’ve started hitting the ball against a stone wall, and she had the notion of picking up her Frisbee, and volleying it back. Sometimes she would bounce the ball on her Frisbee 2 or 3 times before she’d lob it in my direction . She was so proud! I need to get a tripod that I can use to record what she does. She is absolutely, I keep using the word amaz, but I can’t think of another word. Let me look it up. Marvelous is the only one that seems befitting from the immediate choices I saw.

That was stupid.

my whole thing about this post is I did take her to “wake the bunnies.” Not “hunt the bunnies,” but WAKE…. little bit more friendly sounding. It was dark. Didn’t bring flashlight/phone. She darted for this dashing dark ball across this field, and into the trees. I heard a yelp. I tripped over a tree root, or an alien (?) – been hearing a lot about those boogers…. (I’m scared of the dark), yelling “Charley!!!” all the way down. My keys went flying. Heard them plop somewhere in some distant bush/tree land. Images of “Cabin in the Woods”, …. wait, no, more like “Friday the 13th, started flooding me. We were by the labyrinth. The ALIEN theme seemed to fit this situation…….

CHARLEY!!! CHARLEY!!! HEY!!!! 1-……2…..HEY!!!

That booger butt was silent for about 10 minutes. I came out of my clearing, and all I saw were tree shadows, and a couple lone picnic tables in this vast open green space. Heard nothing, but I will tell you, my eyes were playing tricks.

I actually started to panic, and started trotting, very fast like, up towards the main street, when…….tappity tappity tapppity tap……. Charley right next to me. Breathless. And grinning.

Oh, she was naked. Collar and harness. Gone. In the tree land. Once again, my bad. I have witnessed her ability to take it all off when running in the bushes. Booger Bubble Gum Booty Butt TREE HUGGING CHARLEY WAFFLE….

It’s amazing what one can come up with when faced with dire circumstances. Luckily the university was having a wasp problem, and had CAUTION tape everywhere. I snagged a long piece of it, wrapped it around her cute little pink collar, and walked her ass home.

so, I think she is done with her ordeal. She would have been GONE otherwise.

Now it is back to the 7 mile day Super Sonic Cyborg Charley Waffle!!!!!!






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