skateboard diva

I don’t know if Charley is either, terrified , or 2: loves them and wants to ride them and skate-jack them, or 3: has to have one.

so Charley has a skateboard now.

I got it because of her over-excited response when she sees them,

and, I got one to see if i can still ride one….

I can’t do wheelies or jumpkick-starts, whatever they call them.

My skateboarding includes sitting on one and riding down, what I thought was steep, hill down the street when I was 14.

I can push forward, and stop. 180. that’s about it.

I would take a picture, but I am waiting for my phone. It is a pain to take one with the computer camera. I never know where it ends up, and it never really turns out too good.

I have to carry my camera around that is connected to my computer, which is no fun.

Well, we tried it. She is getting a bit better, but we’ll see…..

still doing the frisbee and ball

I bet people 10 dollars if they can dribble a ball around her. she’s a fierce soccer player…

She likes to watch the dogs on skateboards.
Especially the ones who get on and make it go with their feet (paws)

I have found out she is absolutely completely competitive.

She watches dogs play, then barks/commands me to throw something (ball or frisbee) and she will keep darting her eyes at the other dog while she runs and catches, then does this triumphant trot around the whole field.

she knows she is good

But she may have met her match when it comes to the Alpha female thing.

A huge Husky/Malamute/Wolf…came up and Charley was being cocky.

The Husky slapped her in the face and did a little growl.

Charley shrunk down, and ran to the safety of my feet.

The Husky owner asked me how old Charley was. 13 months. She said, “oh, that’s why. Mine is 1 years old and trying to be the dominant.

That Husky was huge!!! We walked away and looked at Charley. “uh-oh, looks like you have a competitor!” All the time Charley kept looking back until the Husky was out of site.

So we will see….





2 responses to “skateboard diva”

  1. mattsnyder1970 Avatar

    My experience with a skate board,stood on one in the 90’s as it zipped across the dorm floor and I fell flat on my back

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  2. C.W. Avatar

    ouch….. sounds like my experience in my hallway in 20221!

    Liked by 2 people

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