Abe’s Odd World, Pot Shops

Inside the Mind of C.W.

I don’t know quite how to think of this re-occurring theme that has been going on lately with me.

I had not too long ago decided to take up smoking pot. I figure that it was a lot better than drinking, or at least that is what I’ve been told. I have never been a big “pot head” but it used to seem as if really cool people were into smoking marijuana. Say, Jerry Garcia, David Grisham, Tom Petty, etc…. My best friend in Northern California….who was way cooler than I could ever dream to be, was a wake and baker. I just remember that I would get super thinky on it, and I would spend the entire time agonizing on what I had said, or how I said it, or think like everybody else had it all together and I was just a total complete mess. It didn’t help…

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