Chocolate and Blue Magic

I’m so glad we can finally go out and about without her trying to flit and flutter. I can now add to our daily doings and the people we meet. ( when we’re walking down the street)…

I meet people on a daily basis. I used to meet people on a daily basis, without her. I just realized it is not even half as interesting or fun on daily basis without Charley….

We were walking through the neighborhood on our way to the labyrinth, and encountered a Samuel Jackson looking, hair, skin, and all- swag style guy, with two mini Aussies. Immediately I acted like a proud Aussie clan member and struck up a conversation. Charley was, just, so so excited to be around people, people, people, and, “oh,oh, oh two other dogs, and oh, I mean my fans, and let’s play, play….. “ and suddenly stopped in full tail wag, and started scratching. That is always embarrassing, to me, because I immediately feel as if I have to quickly tell others she doesn’t have fleas, and as a matter of fact, she just got her flea medication.

Samuel studied Charley for a minute, and said,”no, no, she doesn’t have fleas, her skin seems really dry. You know what would help with that? Some hair grease.”

I asked if it was coconut oil, like the stuff I used to put on the scalp of this gal I’d met in treatment a long time ago that had a beautiful weave. He said, “kinda….. it’s called…. Blue Magic.” He told me I could get it at any black barbers shop, and that will help immensely with her dry scalp.

I knew exactly the place to go. Before we parted, we exchanged names. He replied, “My name is Chip. As in Chocolate Chip.”

Tim’s Barber Shop. Off we go.   Tim’s

We walk into the store, the bell clanging announcing our presence, and behind the desk was this very tall, Big Mac Daddy looking guy, and this really pretty gal with absolutely beautiful long braids. She looked like she was the super model of hair, I swear.

The door shuts dramatically right behind us, just as she started to say, “Hello. Can I……”. Trailed off.

I suddenly was aware we were two unlikely customers to enter Tim’s establishment. A white/post punk/gen-xer and a 35 lb Charley Waffle. Inside this super cool barber shop that specializes in black people’s hair.

I started rambling about Chip, Chocolate Chip, and his advice on hair grease for Charley‘a scalp. I was hoping for some points in being cool and savvy.

The guy behind the counter, Tim(?) told me I’d probably be better off going to a vet.

I explained that it would be way more expensive, and Chip swore this stuff would work for Charley. Chocolate Chip, that is….

The gal said,”Blue Magic. I think that is what he’s talking about. Yeah, we don’t carry it here, but Bartells down the street does.”

I thanked them, wished them a great day, and went down the street to Bartells, found Blue Magic on the shelf.

Blue Magic, 3.99

I’ve been using this on Charley’s scalp/hair and the results are awesome. Her coat is silky, silky smooth. I even put some on my hair while I was trying to get her to let me put it on her. People are commenting on how soft she is. That stuff did wonders.

As for my hair, yes, it definitely softened it, but I can’t really go out with it on my head. It smells good, though, I do have to say. Really good.

If it weren’t for Charley Waffle, I wouldn’t have met Chocolate Chip, nor would I have gone into Tim’s Barber Shop, or ever experienced the Magic of Blue Magic and what miracles it can do to turn her mane silky smooth.





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