Gad dang it

Charley has been growling and barking at random people, some that live in my building. Well, some that don’t live in my building, which makes me think they are no good. But in not sure. I hope she doesn’t get her hesitation from me. I say that because whenever we encounter a person in all black, shifting from foot to foot, eyes included, whether in the elevator, or hall, I ask kindly “ Did you just move in?” and I get answered with a “non ya business.”

I get indignant, and inform them I’ve never seen them, and you are acting shady right By my door. He tells me go mind my own business. I tell him to mind his manners. And then he thought I wasn’t looking and pretended to “flinch” at Charley.

Downtown is a mess here. We were walking to QFC,, right by the Sharonton (sp) which is s Something we do every day, and the neighborhood is kind of dark like in the evening but so we’re walking down the sidewalk and there’s a guy, dark figure crouch down by the streets on the sidewalk but there was like shrubs on the side and I’m like oh great OK I Charley, we got a creeper whatever I said I don’t remember what I said but we’re walking by, and part of me wants to cross the street, but another part knows that sometimes doing that invokes the person picking on us. Anyway, he’s crouched with a big piece of tinfoil and a tube and he’s busy smoking whatever dope he has. Walking by I say hi, because I’ve heard it disarms a stranger if you feel uncomfortable.

He didn’t even know we passed by.

Walking around downtown Seattle is starting to be tiresome. I say that because there are drugs rampant, full use in the middle of the sidewalk, naked people and vomit. Hustlers that ask me if I want to sell Charley. Others telling me I could get a get bag of dope with her. No. Correction. A fat bag of dope. There are dudes after dudes acting all G style, and when I don’t respond I get called names, followed. Girls are busy sizing us up, which I do my best to pretend not to look at them. But, brand new Seahawk Jersey for 40 bucks,…..

I have once read that one can make their own reality, so I try not to let it be a part of ours.

Right now I’m not liking living downtown. Now, especially with Charley, there are only a handful of places to go, and even less off leash. I want to be around nice people. Not negative ones. I don’t know what has happened lately, but it’s just a gross vibe.

I would like to move to Montana. I’ve lived there before, in Darby. I am thinking of looking up some people from my 11th grade class. It’s funny, there were only 50 kids in my sophomore class, 245 kids total. My calculus teacher was also my shorthand teacher. There is one road out to Hamilton. One cop in Darby, but 3 laundry mats, 2 hardware stores, and a few bars. Oh yeah. And a MOOSE CROSSING sign

But, dang it, if you go more than 25 MPh, the town cop will ticket you. He literally sits at the stoplight And clocks everyone’s speed.

I’m just having dang its today. Charley’s new harness is delayed, along with my can opener. Amazon.

Anyway that is it. We are, or I am, just icky icky …. bored. No, uninspired. That’s it. Ok. We are going for a walk. Spice up the neighborhood.

She let out the biggest sigh.






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  1. mattsnyder1970 Avatar

    I take it you’re not interested in even a print of the drawing I did of Charley ? If you really want I suppose I could just send a print free of Charge.


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