Happy Halloween Police

Charley and I went on our 4th walk/play this evening. She kind of looked at people that were in costumes a bit peculiar, but she didn’t get spooked. I was surprised.

But, she growled/barked at this one guy who came running down the sidewalk and stopped right at the cross walk we were at. I asked her, “what was up with that?” I don’t know if dogs have a six sense or not, because some of the people she has gone up to are pretty shady. I’m saying that because I know them to be. But, I guess even shady people have good vibes if they love animals. Maybe she was just startled about him running up to us. I’m not sure what this is all about though. I know she can’t handle people fawning over her. I’m talking like more than 2, standing over her, trying to get her to smell their hand, or talking to her in goo goo language.

It was about 6:30, so it was dark. We were on our way to this park that has a small playground with a couple of slides. Since I’m always looking for new ideas and things to amuse her I’ve been taking her to those little playgrounds that are kid safe, and have a lot of climbing and balancing. Like an obstacle course for her. She loves it. She was a good sport when she first did the slide. She had to have me go first, while she kept her paws on my shoulders (no joke)and rode down with me. After that, she was good to go. She really likes the one side that has two slides side by side. She’ll run up, wait for me to get into position on the other slide, and 1,2,3 GO!!! We have to slide down the same time. She gets a big kick on that one. Her grin stretches ear to ear, looking adoringly at me. She is such a Squishy Bean!

We stop short, or I did, because right in the middle of the street was an idling cop car. Lights off, except for the little runner lights. I looked around for the police person, trying to see if something had happened, and,plus, yeah, I didn’t want to get in trouble for her off leash status. “Dang it!”

Finally, I spotted Him. He was sitting on the park picnic table, and sitting across from him was a lady friend. I giggled, because it looked as if they were having a little rendezvous while he was making his rounds. They were totally engrossed with each other, staring into their eyes, quietly murmuring.

We walked on by. I don’t even think they knew we were there.

So that was my Halloween night. And, no, it wasn’t some guy dressed up as a cop.

But I wonder if he was going to see her later after his shift and keep his uniform on. Handcuffs included. Ha ha. Trick or Treat!





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