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Frisbee try – Outs

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Notice the blue Nerf. It was used only a handful of times. The CHUCK-IT frisbee made her gums blead when it sailed and landed with a whoomph. It’s fun and solid to throw but for some reason I was feeling this was for more like a hardcore dog. Like a German Shepard. Saint Bernard. Or Gary Oldman in Dracula. He would really dig this one. Guaranteed end results. So, I am going to play the one”

  • WHAM-O
  1. These pictures were taken 3 weeks of owning the WHAM-O

WEsT PAWS, $19.00the end….


We first tried out the Small frisbees from Petco that cost 2.99 each My first reaction was how smooth and accurate they flew, and the ease at which she caught them. Took me by surprise and I know she was very pleased with herself when she found out she was able to catch this thing called Frisbee. This are those now.



I’VE SINCE BOUGHT TWO MOREThe yellow one 3 hours

The pink I’m holding out until there is NOTHING left

Still reviewing 2 more

Ok. So I’m just going to post all the beginning posts I was trying to polish before I realized there is a lot of different frisbees, Er, flying discs, and there are extremely talented people and their dogs that are exceptionally more talented than Charley and I. haven’t told her. She already knows. I can tell when she’s around”fluffy Twinkie” dogs that she acts superior and… bored. And a flat out bully. But it’s really comical because when we watch the tournaments online she will literally turn her head away and refuse to watch. It’s only if i go down the hall or open the fridge when I see her nabbing a peek at the tv. Dang it. She is so smart that I have put on videos about roll over, drop it, And she’s mastered it fully in just a few hours.

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