April Fool’s Day?

So today I woke up not really knowing that it was first of April because I’d already thought we were in April because Mike is leaving on April 6th which I guess is a Tuesday. So for me he was gone this past Tuesday, which was still in March but. ….I was confused. So I actually started thinking and questioning if April Fools Day was a particular April month. Like it only happened every 3rd April of the year of the Dog, or something. I asked one of my regulars that I see every morning if it was April Fools Day, and he has the same look on his face that I must have had. Then he brought up that last year we were in covid. I think.

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A lot of things can happen in a half century. Life is so weird. From Colorado, moved to CA, lived in Darby, MT, moved to WA. Became homeless for 7 years total. Changed my perspective. Subsidized housing. Recently found out I'm adopted. 50 % Polish, 50 % Belgium, 1st generation. Have my Charley Waffle, and just try to roll with whatever comes our way!

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