summary of what i’ve learned


  • wham-o
  • nerf
  • chuck-it
  • petco
  • kong
  • wallspet
  • dollar tree


Cost: 12.99/ Target/AMAZON, or look up wham-o

  • Solid throw, feels like that total awesome tennis ball hit
  • Solid material, although teeth marks where immediately visible
  • Makes Charley extremely amped up
  • Helps me to feel like a cool California chic
  • Standard Colors, like red, white, blue
  • Will last a good 3 weeks with everyday use on an 11 month old Australian Shepard
  • There are 3 round of rings until getting to the last circle that says WHAM-O
  • Dog excitement when the Wham-o appears
  • Dogs ( some ) REALLY want to play – so good for motivation
  • Because of hard, solid material, I think it is a bit harsh on the catch and dog’s teeth
  • It lasted only 3 weeks before the solid fly pattern lasted. (*note: not used as prescribed)
  • Pet being pretty upset when this Frisbee goes missing
  • Pet being pretty focused when even a tiny bit of the frisbee is shown (she still went into hyper-mode when just the remaining rim was all that was left.
  • Is not available in a subscription

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