Time travel back to BUBBLE GUM BUTT

We (Charley&I) are sitting here watching this documentary (?) on Amazon Prime where time travel really occurred in 1985 or so due to a scientist working on the Indiana Project that Rosevelt’s insisted on time travel research after hearing The nazis were diligently working on in 1944. That would be horrible.

Hmmm, is it true? What would I do? I’m having a hard time with this one.

I kinda started thinking about if that was a possibility, and all the changes that could or would occur, what could be stopped, or finished, or Amends that could be made. It became too much to think about, too much brain power. Power I could use on other stuff. Like trying to get Charley Waffle to behave around others, or maybe put away groceries, mop the floor, stuff that I believe Smarty Pants could master. Put her toys and bones away for Gods sake.

Then, it dawned on me. I would love to go back to that one bus ride where we got off and a huge, HUGE wad of pink bubblegum was stuck on her butt that she’d pick up from the bus seat. I would go back and take a picture of it. I wasn’t thinking fast enough at that time. I would love to have that picture that earned her the name BUBBLE GUM BUTT. That is probably my only regret.

Dang it

What would others do? The possibilities. …..

Charley’s Bubble Gum Butt





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