Today was an interesting day. Charley was such a good little girl. I had to go to the post office and mail some packages and we had to go by an area downtown that she usually freaks out. We are talking about locking her whole body and not moving an inch. But she overcame her fear somewhat, I think. She was a sweetie, standing in line with me, alert but calm. I was so impressed. I can’t stop saying that.

Anyway after the post office she started the tension a tad. She was pulling but not too bad. She had her body close to the ground and was very vigilant. She made a beeline to Freeway Park. While we were there we met somebody by the name of Dani. Or maybe Danny. I’m not sure. She/he (I’m not being mean I really don’t know) was trying hard to control her dog, Magnus. We started talking and Dani told me she just got the dog a few days ago. She got Magnus from her neighbor who died. It was a weird story. Told me it was this little old lady with long gray hair and was about 4’9. She apparently did too many of whatever drug and died right in the apartment with Magnus. How sad is that?

Dani told me she didn’t know what to do with Magnus and was thinking about giving him away. Charley was such a good girl. She was nice to Magnus but also taught him the rules. I guess that is how it goes. But the whole time Charley was totally in her own world. She acknowledged Magnus but was very stand offish.

I all of a sudden had an epiphany, We were right by Pillars Park. It’s a closed in dog run that is literally in the middle of the freeway tucked between a tattoo shop and an apartment complex. I told her about it and she had no idea where it was. So on a whim I said “let’s go” and we walked to Pillars Park.

Pillars Park is this enclosed gravel run. It’s pretty spacious for being in the concrete jungle.

I could see the relief in the face when we got to the park. “I’ve been wanting something like this, you have no idea. This is wonderful.”

Magnus was so excited. We got lucky because there was a young Golden Retriever his size. They immediately started boxing and play fighting. What did Charley do?

She was the commentator. She didn’t want to play but she definitely was saying something. She would go up and just start barking that lovely high pitched Aussie bark. I tried to coax her into playing but she would just stand on the sidelines.

Dani was watching her and turned to me and asked, “Is Charley very standoffish? Does she not like crowds?”

I stood there thinking. It says your dog is an extension of you. It, I mean all the books on dogs I’ve read. I said, “Your dog is an extension of you, so I guess she might be.”

It is true, and sometimes it bothers me. I am so standoffish. I tend to be on the outskirts of the cluster of dog owners and their dogs at the park. I’m like that with any crowd. Once I feel comfortable it’s a different story. I will engage but I realized I don’t hang around any particular group. I was observing Charley and I think she does get that from me. How in your face is that? I’ve noticed other things that seem like a reflection of me. Quit observing me Charley!!!

Charley got bored and started heading for the gate. I was not bored, but I was kind of done. But this is what made the day really cool. As we were leaving Dani said, “Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. I was meant to meet you today. You have no idea. God sent you to me.”

I said, “I hope so” and we walked off. I thought that was really cool because it was a random meeting that turned into a new friend and me feeling like I did a good deed that day. I think things really do happen for a reason. I hope Magnus had the time of his life.

And if God sent me then I am grateful. Thank you God!

Had to throw a pic of Stella and Charley. Too Cute.






One response to “ARE YOU YOUR DOG?”

  1. willowdot21 Avatar

    Lovely…. A great meeting for all involved. Perhaps you helps Danni and Magnus find eachother… perhaps they will stay together and you’ll meet them again. 💜

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