Lake Union Park…briefly

I constantly try to up my game to keep up with a now, 1 year old Herder, Bubble -Gum – Butt Charley Waffle. I’m finding Seattle parks and surrounding areas have shrunk significantly. They’ve become too familiar to Charley, which in turn makes it more challenging to keep her interest. She is always looking for constant mind and body stimulation. She starts getting super confident, then sassy, and I get a pain in the assy.

So I switched it up. Instead of getting on the E line, we get on the C line. Same bus stop, same looking bus. Just different exits and a different letter of the alphabet.

I only know that the C line goes to South Lake Union, which pulled up on a Google search “dog parks near me.” I thought I’d go ahead and check it out. Plus, Lake Union has the Museum of History and Industry. , or MOHAI. NOW that would be something I’d like to see.

We didn’t last too long there. Maybe 15 minutes.

She was so excited to be there. She was super alert, super excited, didn’t know what to tackle first. And, so many geese!!! And poop! Let’s try to see if it tastes good!

The rules of the park, according to the only sign I was able to find, said no pets in, on, or around the water supply.

Pictures of our 10 Minutes Fun

Well, there’s a little sprinkler park for the kids, and the lake, and this large incased water area for driving remote control boats around. A lot of dried grass with TONS of geese poop. I keep saying that because there is. I didn’t have time to peek inside the museum, but I did notice the sign with the name BEZOS right next to it, in bright blue block letters. I rolled my eyes

Lake Union Park was all right, what we saw. There’s a tons of poop (3 times) and there are dry patches that kick up a mouthful of dirt. That would be my only complaint. Other than that, people were playing horseshoes, bocce ball, walking or biking along the decks. Seattle is getting the tourists right now, so there were a lot of happy faces. The sun wasn’t too hot. It was actually a beautiful day. I enjoyed the 15 minutes. I know Charley did as well. Silly Booger Butt!

Wow!!!! What’s that??





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