Lake Union Park…briefly

I constantly try to up my game to keep up with a now, 1 year old Herder, Bubble -Gum – Butt Charley Waffle. I’m finding Seattle parks and surrounding areas have shrunk significantly. They’ve become too familiar to Charley, which in turn makes it more challenging to keep her interest. She is always looking for constant mind and body stimulation. She starts getting super confident, then sassy, and I get a pain in the assy.

So I switched it up. Instead of getting on the E line, we get on the C line. Same bus stop, same looking bus. Just different exits and a different letter of the alphabet.

I only know that the C line goes to South Lake Union, which pulled up on a Google search “dog parks near me.” I thought I’d go ahead and check it out. Plus, Lake Union has the Museum of History and Industry. , or MOHAI. NOW that would be something I’d like to see.

We didn’t last too long there. Maybe 15 minutes.

She was so excited to be there. She was super alert, super excited, didn’t know what to tackle first. And, so many geese!!! And poop! Let’s try to see if it tastes good!

The rules of the park, according to the only sign I was able to find, said no pets in, on, or around the water supply.

Pictures of our 10 Minutes Fun

Well, there’s a little sprinkler park for the kids, and the lake, and this large incased water area for driving remote control boats around. A lot of dried grass with TONS of geese poop. I keep saying that because there is. I didn’t have time to peek inside the museum, but I did notice the sign with the name BEZOS right next to it, in bright blue block letters. I rolled my eyes

Lake Union Park was all right, what we saw. There’s a tons of poop (3 times) and there are dry patches that kick up a mouthful of dirt. That would be my only complaint. Other than that, people were playing horseshoes, bocce ball, walking or biking along the decks. Seattle is getting the tourists right now, so there were a lot of happy faces. The sun wasn’t too hot. It was actually a beautiful day. I enjoyed the 15 minutes. I know Charley did as well. Silly Booger Butt!

Wow!!!! What’s that??

What? Instructions? Uh?

Is there something in my teeth?

I have this poster that lists the rules of life, and at one point I had cut each strip that contained an instruction. I was going to do some collage/art/frame… anything to make it more beautiful. You know, I have those strips in my bottom craft dresser thingy, and I was very proud that I was able to keep all strips together until I could do my “masterpiece”.

She ate that one. Yeah, I snapped a picture because I knew it was toast anyway.

Art project going nowhere

Plus, I was just trying to condense it. I guess I’ll just go out and get a smaller poster/ picture. I’m just trying to figure out which one she swallowed.


Don’t mean to burst your bubble, er, balloon…..

I wanted to get Holden, for his birthday, 23(!) a big bouquet of balloons. I think it is kinda cute when I see men carry a big thing of balloons. I’m not sure why, but it’s kinda sweet. Plus, he was about to get married in a week or so.

I got the idea when somebody had left their Happy Birthday Mylar balloon behind and I thought, hey, why not. I’ll get a bunch of latex balloons from the Dollar Tree, have them blown up, RECYCLE this still good Mylar balloon, and I have a fun present to give. Throw in a home baked pie or cake and a card and it just turns delightful.

I head up to the Dollar Tree, bought the balloons, and an extra Mylar ($1-might as we’ll make it a BIGGER BOUQUET), only to find out their helium had ran out. BUMMER.

I got home with my packaged balloons to my Charley. Tail slapping, little squeaks, big smile and, whoa, the recycled, orphaned Mylar, yet still fully robust had been reduced to a ribbon and a silvery shadow clump of what looked like cheap tin foil.


Ended up putting this balloon bouquet present off a day. Charley and I headed up to Bartells to try this again. I get a Mylar, and 4 latex. One floated to the ceiling. I happened to take notice how Charley was watching this with great intent. Her eyes went from my hand to the ceiling, back and forth. I just figured she was still frightened of them when she was a tiny pup and she’d popped one playing with it.

I took great care holding them close so they wouldn’t bang together while we walked home in the wind. I didn’t want to frighten Charley. She was still keeping a weary eye.

We get to the front door. I go to open it. This is when she did something she’s not done. Her weary eye de flicked into a mischievous eye, and within seconds hopped up, managing to hit my hand, and setting all but two of the balloons free.

One made it indoors

Wow. Kinda funny I guess. Not then, though. Still had the Mylar and one yellow latex. But in a rash, impulsive decision I set those two free. Saying “Happy Charley?” Poor Charley. I don’t think it phased her. The glimmer in her eye didn’t lie.

By now this was becoming a MISSION that I was not going to fail. This time, (the next day) I DID NOT take Charley. I marched to the store, bought a full bouquet with a new Mylar, walked home triumphantly, only to find all there EXCEPT THE MYLAR. NO JOKE.

One last time. We had to get these balloons to him. Charley, come on! Go back up, buy just the Mylar, and start out trek down the hill. This time she kept teasing me, looking at me then at the balloon purposely, weaving back and forth.

I heard this ever so slight “tap” or “snap”. I look at my hand. A limp yellow party ribbon. There was a pause in the universe as we both looked up. There, caught way, Way up was our Mylar balloon. We both sat down. I was shaking my head.

I don’t know if anybody has seen Treasure of Sierra Madre when the gold gets carried away by a wind storm and Walter Houston busts out laughing, THAT IS WHAT I DID. I couldn’t stop.

Thar she blows
See our Mylar in the tree? Way way up there?

Well, we still have his wedding coming up.