• Ballard Locks.

  • Can’t wait

    Charley’s “boyfriend” mike is on his way and I can’t wait. All she does is dote on him, and he’s fine with it…. So today I get to partially babysit. And possibly sneak away for sone good ME TIME. Yeah, right. Ok. This is how this went with Mike. The “Boyfriend” Visit Update Charley’s “pet” […]

  • Charley’s Window Watch

    I obviously love watching Charley look out the window. I have a lot more photos that I could bore everyone with but here are a few. Ignore the blinds!

  • So !?!@&&!! Annoyed

    So !?!@&&!! Annoyed

    Annoyed is actually the kindest word I can apply to how I feel. Actually , thinking about it, I’m going to change annoyed to disgusted. My friend Mike, who was with me when I got Charley, so he’s like her “pack dad”, and I were in the parking lot by my place so she could […]

  • Seasons greetings

  • Just killing time…

    Charley on her wonderful handmade window ledge.

  • I’m a really bad influence with Charley. This is behind the Court of Appeals. It’s blocked in. Straight course. Nice turf. As a puppy she would eye this patch that is located behind the building. I kept saying to her, “doesn’t that look like fun?”. Because, honestly, if I were a dog in the city […]

  • Sitting on the side of the Bay…in Ballard….

    Charley at Google. Ballard locks & dinosaurs

  • Sitting waiting for the bus.

  • Oh, the Beard of Carey!!!

    Oh, the Beard of Carey!!! Oh, the Beard of Carey!!! — Read on charleywaffle85027555.Wordpress.com/2021/09/28/oh-the-beard-of-carey/