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I’m a really bad influence with Charley. This is behind the Court of Appeals. It’s blocked in. Straight course. Nice turf. As a puppy she would eye this patch that is located behind the building. I kept saying to her, “doesn’t that look like fun?”. Because, honestly, if I were a dog in the city I’d be all over that. So, one day I dared her. She looked at me, looked at the wide open tundra, looked at me again….. and I gave her a nod and let go of the leash. She took off like a Road Runner. She ran as fast as she could, back and forth, and again and again. People were walking by and looking over the railing, totally bewildered. I pretended I didn’t know her. Our fun was over when a man in black came out the side door. He stood there, with his black shades and shook his head. I said,” Sorry! She just got away from me!” I called her, she came (!!) , and as I looked over my shoulder to say thank you, sorry, won’t happen again, I saw him stifling a smile.

I’m a really bad influence. But, it’s good clean fun, right?

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