Can’t wait

Charley’s “boyfriend” mike is on his way and I can’t wait. All she does is dote on him, and he’s fine with it…. So today I get to partially babysit. And possibly sneak away for sone good ME TIME. Yeah, right.

Charley Sunday

Ok. This is how this went with Mike.

The “Boyfriend” Visit Update

Charley’s “pet” Mike meets us down the street, at the labyrinth at the University, She’d pulled out of her collar and leash because she knew he was coming over. She becomes very bratty when she knows he’s due to show up at any time. This time I was worried she would run across the street, trying to show me that now he’s here, she does not have to listen.

We get to our habitation, and she turns into a jelly roll.

I ended up cooking dinner while they watched Ted Lasso, ( she won’t do that with me), playing a cute tug and wrestle play, (turns into a WORLD WAR WRESTLING event with me) , ending up with a nice easy breezy toss and catch game outside for a mere 20 minutes. The finale? He leaves and I’m left to these little, soul wrenching howls while she sits at the front door, reciting poetry for her long lost love.

Good Lord. Now I’ve got to reap the after effects.

I told her if she loves him that much, go live with him. Let me know how that goes.

Little booger butt. It will never happen. So I’m not worried. 🙂




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