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  • Can’t wait

    Charley’s “boyfriend” mike is on his way and I can’t wait. All she does is dote on him, and he’s fine with it…. So today I get to partially babysit. And possibly sneak away for sone good ME TIME. Yeah, right. Ok. This is how this went with Mike. The “Boyfriend” Visit Update Charley’s “pet” […]

  • No balls to 4 balls

    No balls to 4 balls

    This morning we went for our routine walk. I didn’t take any balls or flying discs because she likes to hide them in the bushes where I can’t find them, and then someone or something takes them. We ended up at our favorite spot, the Labyrinth at the University. Miraculously there were 2 of her […]

  • Beautiful Seattle Afternoon Friday

  • Sitting waiting for the bus.

  • October 27th Seattle

    Photo shoot