I was complimenting this gal that I see almost everyday about her bun. Today she had an extraordinary bun. “WOW! That is an amazing bun!!” I had to say.

“Oh, it’s not my real hair. My bun didn’t look good today so I threw on a bun cap” She told me that she has several bun caps, one she throws in her purse for emergency bun situations, and one that she reserves for the Red Carpet Gala Affair-ish bun events. All others are for just everyday bun wearing.

I had to GOOGLE bun caps. Wow. What a selection. Wow. Looks as if I have opened a new door in the house of hair possibilities. NO more bad hair day!

It’s amazing the things I’ve gleaned from other people I never knew that even I can have a BEAUTIFUL BUN.


personally, I like the dog wig……