I was complimenting this gal that I see almost everyday about her bun. Today she had an extraordinary bun. “WOW! That is an amazing bun!!” I had to say.

“Oh, it’s not my real hair. My bun didn’t look good today so I threw on a bun cap” She told me that she has several bun caps, one she throws in her purse for emergency bun situations, and one that she reserves for the Red Carpet Gala Affair-ish bun events. All others are for just everyday bun wearing.

I had to GOOGLE bun caps. Wow. What a selection. Wow. Looks as if I have opened a new door in the house of hair possibilities. NO more bad hair day!

It’s amazing the things I’ve gleaned from other people I never knew that even I can have a BEAUTIFUL BUN.


personally, I like the dog wig……

Don’t mean to burst your bubble, er, balloon…..

I wanted to get Holden, for his birthday, 23(!) a big bouquet of balloons. I think it is kinda cute when I see men carry a big thing of balloons. I’m not sure why, but it’s kinda sweet. Plus, he was about to get married in a week or so.

I got the idea when somebody had left their Happy Birthday Mylar balloon behind and I thought, hey, why not. I’ll get a bunch of latex balloons from the Dollar Tree, have them blown up, RECYCLE this still good Mylar balloon, and I have a fun present to give. Throw in a home baked pie or cake and a card and it just turns delightful.

I head up to the Dollar Tree, bought the balloons, and an extra Mylar ($1-might as we’ll make it a BIGGER BOUQUET), only to find out their helium had ran out. BUMMER.

I got home with my packaged balloons to my Charley. Tail slapping, little squeaks, big smile and, whoa, the recycled, orphaned Mylar, yet still fully robust had been reduced to a ribbon and a silvery shadow clump of what looked like cheap tin foil.


Ended up putting this balloon bouquet present off a day. Charley and I headed up to Bartells to try this again. I get a Mylar, and 4 latex. One floated to the ceiling. I happened to take notice how Charley was watching this with great intent. Her eyes went from my hand to the ceiling, back and forth. I just figured she was still frightened of them when she was a tiny pup and she’d popped one playing with it.

I took great care holding them close so they wouldn’t bang together while we walked home in the wind. I didn’t want to frighten Charley. She was still keeping a weary eye.

We get to the front door. I go to open it. This is when she did something she’s not done. Her weary eye de flicked into a mischievous eye, and within seconds hopped up, managing to hit my hand, and setting all but two of the balloons free.

One made it indoors

Wow. Kinda funny I guess. Not then, though. Still had the Mylar and one yellow latex. But in a rash, impulsive decision I set those two free. Saying “Happy Charley?” Poor Charley. I don’t think it phased her. The glimmer in her eye didn’t lie.

By now this was becoming a MISSION that I was not going to fail. This time, (the next day) I DID NOT take Charley. I marched to the store, bought a full bouquet with a new Mylar, walked home triumphantly, only to find all there EXCEPT THE MYLAR. NO JOKE.

One last time. We had to get these balloons to him. Charley, come on! Go back up, buy just the Mylar, and start out trek down the hill. This time she kept teasing me, looking at me then at the balloon purposely, weaving back and forth.

I heard this ever so slight “tap” or “snap”. I look at my hand. A limp yellow party ribbon. There was a pause in the universe as we both looked up. There, caught way, Way up was our Mylar balloon. We both sat down. I was shaking my head.

I don’t know if anybody has seen Treasure of Sierra Madre when the gold gets carried away by a wind storm and Walter Houston busts out laughing, THAT IS WHAT I DID. I couldn’t stop.

Thar she blows
See our Mylar in the tree? Way way up there?

Well, we still have his wedding coming up.

She’s back

I read somewhere when there are large gaps between journal entries is actually a time in growth that might be recognized later. I’ve recognized…SHE’s BACK!!!! All healed and all herder!!!!

I never finished this post because what I was going to say is during the time she was recuperating from her surgery I was able to catch up on a few things, go shopping in stores that weren’t as fun as if she were with me. I started catching up on my paper journaling, and actually painted my nails and busted out my bead box and made a necklace or two. I was really getting into reading other people’s thoughts and blogs and was on the tip of slightly figuring out this WordPress stuff. So now when I say she’s back, I really mean SHE’S BACK. I swear, it’s like her body just got juiced up and she’s making up for all the time she had

So that is why there are days and unfinished posts. I am getting called back to duty.

I really like writing about Charley and I feel it’s very therapeutic. That’s one thing I did do a lot of Is. writing. And I see this question asked a lot about why publicly journal and not just write for yourself.

The thing is that I wanted to write anyway. I don’t know what I’m doing on this but I first started just writing furiously and posting it right And left. But then I started getting self conscience and over proof read my writing until I’d reworded it, deleted it, fretted about it. So I’ve just decided that I’m just going to write how I’m thinking in the moment. I don’t know if anyone will get into it or not but hopefully maybe somebody could relate or possibly chuckle after reading about Charley.

There is so much that happened in a day with her that I’ve taken these funny notes doing the finger scroll and I think I may just post them just because. This is fun.

Charley Waffle is fun.

Let’s all have a fun day!!!


Because Charley is injured, and I’ve been told to keep her down for at least a week. Meaning no play, jumpy jumpies, no balls, no running after her bunny that LOVES to ANTAGONIZE her.

i SWEAR, EVERY TIME we head to the labyrinth this dang little bunny, tan and cute, pops up right in Charley’s view. I think I have a small video of her standing perfectly still, eyes glued on that bunny. And that dang bunny recipricates the stare. I think they were locked in almost 5 minutes. I, of course, got bored after about 2 minutes of it, and stopped filming. It would have been the same if I’d taken a still shot of her, and labeled it “5 minute stand off stare.” That is exactly how it looked.

I was kind of excited because there is this ranch where it takes dogs that have bloodlines that are that of herding. He said that not all dogs are herders. A lot of domesticated Australian Shepards/Border Collie has had their line bled out slowly to where herding does not come natural.

All I know they (ranch herders)use this method. They stick their hand out, (which it’s funny….dogs can smell your coming, but I guess there is another reason they do this) and I guess introduce the dog to the “prey”….even though it is not prey. It’s a LITTLE LAMB or a LITTLE SHEEP……(no little bunny— sorry Charley) and watch to see if the dog has this point and stare kind of thing. Where they will focus on their, er, focus, and stand rock still. They don’t just charge after it like a dragon from hell, or whatever that saying is. The dog will just stand there. Waiting. And when the lamb, sheep, no bunny moves, they are on it right away. Not pouncing or attacking, but making definite strong, quick movements and body language letting the opposer know they are in charge. It’s quite impressive.

Well, my heart does swell when I saw that Charley acts exactly like that. She’s done that with Geese, and ducks, and, small children. In which one of them moves, which happens a lot, and then she’ll let out a piercing sharp “ARRRK”. That is what it sounds like. To children, I’m sure it sounds like “I am going to eat you if you move, and you have been warned and don’t you dare….” That one is always fun because I’m left shoveling out apologies, explanations, and reassurances which sometimes makes it even more dramatic and traumatic for the children. Oh well. It’s in all good fun, right Charley?

But I am proud that she is a point and picker. I knew she had it in her.

So, I changed up the labryinth stroll and went one weekend morning where it seems as not so many people are there on the campus where the labryinth is.

We get to the edge of the entry way to the labryinth. She lunges. Oh hey, bunny!!!! Then, I see her lunge the total opposite way. Oh, hey, another bunny!!! This happened again with a full white tailed 3 bunnies in all. And they had her surrounded. And she didn’t even know.

I swear Charley is smart. Really.

We lop down the stairs to the labryinth where I almost trip and bite it as she lunged again. I have her only on her collar for her harness thing rubs up against her wound. Being only on her collar makes the leash jerk her head, which I am not fond of, and she knows it. I end up letting go because I don’t want to hurt her.

There was a gentleman standing there on the edge of the labryinth. He was looking into the trees. His head turned to me and said, “I think it was the bunny that got her.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It seems like this one bunny always seems to pick on her, same place, same time frame.”

“I have been getting to know those bunnies. You know there are more than 1. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting those bunnies to trust me.”

“I am sorry. She just gets so excited. We will be moving on. This is the first time I’ve really been able to take her out and let her play a little bit. “

We travel to the lower level into this big auditorium is the only way to describe it. It is at the bottom of this winding cement staircase with foliage and flowers all around. At the bottom is this big circular area where chairs are always propped in different ways. Somedays in a circle, other days in a lecture style rows. It has the feel that maybe it is some type of drama class. I’m not sure. We just like to go there and hide from people and bounce and kick different balls around there.

Welp, Charley gets to the bottom of the steps and ALL OF A SUDDEN does this mass switch-e-roo on me and goes barelling through the bushes. The ones with thorns. Ones with strong branches that don’t give. Just like the ones she almost impaled herself on.

I start calling her, (actually YELLING AT her) “CHARLEY, CHARLEY! CHARLEY! ” and under my breath I am muttering “I am going to actually kill you this time…don’t you realize I nursed you back from your injury and if it happens again I will let you SUFFER…..). I run up the steps and run around the corner to find her back at the labyrinth. Tail wagging. Ears on high alert. Her legs TAUT with excitement. She makes a sharp move again, and goes diving into the bushes.

The gentleman is still there. Rats. He looked my way and politely said, “I really look forward to my time with the bunnies.”

Aw I get it. I really totally do. There are certain little things I like to do that are just my own little things. Like, I have to walk the labyrinth at least 3 times a week. Or whenever I’m there.

Those little rituals are very important I realized. They kinda give me structure. I feel as if I have a disorganized purse or back pack when I leave those little things out. Well, I guess one of the signs too that makes me realize I am missing those little rituals is the fact that my purse is a mess, along with my back pack (where did I leave it?) and my room is in utter dismay.

I finally am able to somewhat corner Charley. She was standing on the steps, rigid. Eyes fixed. Not noticing anything else.

I look at what she is looking at. Her and the bunny are locked in a check mate. Who is going to make the first move. I waited and wanted to soak that moment in. Nobody was moving.

God, how precious.

It was I that made the first move. The bunny jumped and ran in the bushes towards the man. I stopped Charley from bolting after. “Here comes your bunny!” I yell.

“He’s coming this way?”

“Yep. Here he comes. Have a good night.”

I left feeling very happy and light in my soul.